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Bables of a cattai


any kind of KH blog, or even if you just post/reblog KH stuff, i’ll check it out and maybe follow c:


The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]


"he’s an astronaut, so give him a cosmos!"

I’ve managed to drift to E-hentai again. Lotsa new Yaoi doujin’s.

Free! Doujins.

Haru is the new Riku from what I’ve seen so far.

And there’s a Dangan Ronpa one with my ship.

Praise High KH.

Also, Hello Tentacle Toppan Gurren Lagen(sp?) doujin.

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My coin exchange today equaled $13.31.





If I went as Casual Marluxia to the halloween Party

and made a tiny shoulder Vexen

Would it be a decent enough costume for the event?

Shulk goes around the mansion, telling people things. Be they true or not since they know of his ‘future sight’.

And also that one time Captain Falcon didn’t heed his warning about the quacamole in the fridge and paid for it with food poisoning for two days after.

NSFW Smash headcanon talk under readmore

Also spoilers for roster as I saw the leak and am really bouncing to see if so and so is really in the game.

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To be honest though, Shulk’s going to have to put the Monado on speedial for certain modes, and turn off Machine mode and put on Person mode as the default if he’s going to be in brawl.

'Cause I can just see it now. He gets on stage, starts to attack, and he only manages to damage the stage.

See also my RP side at:
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(But mainly KH)

In the shipping nirvana,
Okay with any or all ships, Haters need not apply

Handy with hand related crafts
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