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Bables of a cattai

So people are angry about the Dias de los Muertos scare zone this year at haunt.

I can see where they are coming from but I have one question to those people.

Haunt had a maze that was Dias de los Muertos for numerous years and it got turned into a crappy 3D maze.

Where was the backlash then? Hmmmmm?

Get pissed off that I missed out a meetup for Big Hero 6 for the Disney Blogs.

Reads more into it and figures it’s only Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney.

….Well fuck you too then.


The perfect place for me to have a drink. #TheHonorBar… (at The Honor Bar)


*sees a cat* *gasps loudly*

Psst, tag. Someone link me to a good explanation of Komaeda’s Character for one who kinda got flipped around and now doesn’t know which order the gameplay videos on Youtube are supposed to be played in.


so The Book of Life has a Mexican mariachi version of “I Will Wait” by fucking Mumford and Sons

this movie is a cinematic masterpiece

….One of these days people without expensive as all hell will figure out how to make reflective materials not show the recording studio. Like a box of whatever color your background is in the final cut made out of PVC pipe and large sheets so the only thing reflecting is possibly the camera and lighting.

OOO, a large painted plywood with a cut out for the camera to hide it so it’s only the lighting showing.

Also one of these days I will be able to overlook the fact once I see it to enjoy said things.

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Updated Commission post for the month of spooky!

Permanent commission info here with examples for each. See my art tag for more examples!

I have a donation button on my page.

Duct tape commissions also available!

Prices: (Subject to negotiation, additional details=additional charge)

$3 for black and white (or one color) bust/headshot sketch.

$5 Black and white (or one color) sketch two characters

$5 for black and white (or one color) full body sketch.

$5 for the two color things, you provide the colors example (headshot/bust)

$10 Lineless simplistic colors (an example would be the last pic above)

$10 Black and white full body 2 characters

$7 bust/headshot colored (with/without sketchy look)

$7 digitally painted colored headshot or bust

$10 Colored bust with two characters (w/without sketchy)

$10 for full color body drawing

$15 full body full background 

$13 full color with 2 characters (full body/bust) 

$25 Large piece, full background, 2+ characters

No nudity or sexual themes. I’ll draw any character(s), whether they be OCs, real people, or characters. I will draw blood and gore! We can talk about any additional things you want and price adjustments.

Payment through paypal, services. Tips are welcome and appreciated but not necessary. 

Anything you can do to help will be appreciated.

Send me an ask or fanmail if you’re interested!

See also my RP side at:
Please excuse the non-linked text here but Tumblr doesn't allow 'a href' links without having 'assets' on it so...

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